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  • University NameShandong University
  • Duration 6 Yrs
  • Total Cost36.19 Lacs
  • GradeA
  • LanguageEnglish
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About Shandong University, China

Established in 1864, Shandong University is one initiative university of modern Chinese higher education. Since its foundation, Shandong University is signified as the initiation of Chinese higher education. The authorized body of Shandong University, termed as “Shandong Da Xue Tang” (Shandong Imperial College) was built in 1901 and was also considered to be the second national university in China, right after the Imperial University of Perking. However, Shandong University was the first one to be set and run in accordance with a chartered constitution.

Ever since its birth, Shandong University has experienced various stages of growth and change: initially starting as Shandong Imperial College then later it transformed as National Qingdao University and now Shandong University is the present prevailing form which is a collaboration of Shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine and Shandong industrial university.

For over a century, Shandong University has consistently being following the mission of “Reserve talents for the world”, “Nobel in spirit” and “seek prosperity for the nation”. Substantially, for this matter and vision, the Shandong University has cultivated more than 400,000 talents of young and ignited minds, all across the globe and this has made significant contributions for the country and for the social and regional development of the same.

As Shandong University is one amongst the first universities of higher education in China, its name has been derived from the project 211 and project 985 and is constantly developing since ages by leaps and bounds in past recent years, and each of its undertaking has reached awesomely to unprecedented levels. Speaking about the education quality of Shandong University, its competitiveness has been remarkably improved.

In addition to this, the improvement in the ability, capability and quality of teaching, rendered by Shandong University, has greatly increased both its international influence and serving the country with local regions. Shandong University accomplished its transformation essentially from being a teaching research-oriented university to a research-oriented one.

More About Shandong University

Situated in three different cities of china and spreading over an area of 533 hectares (inclusive of 200 hectares of the Qingdao campus), Shandong University comprises of 8 campuses, they are:

  1. Hongjiaglou Campus
  2. Jinan central campus
  3. Software park campus
  4. Qianfoshan campus
  5. Baotuquan campus
  6. Xinglongshan campus
  7. Weihai Campus
  8. Qingdao Campus

Shandong University is currently affiliated to 4 hospitals, 11 teaching hospitals and 3 non-subordinated hospitals. Additionally, it rejoices administrative and teaching staff of 7,782 professionals (exclusive of its affiliated hospitals). Landing on to that students enrolled in Shandong University, they accounts to 60,000 out of which 41,103 are full-time graduates, 1,813 are international students in China and 16,607 are postgraduates.

On top of this, Shandong University offers the students with its 1,107 professors which come under an excellent faculty team including 907 doctoral supervisors. Also, there are 8 academicians of the Chinese academy of sciences and academy of engineering embedded with 11 tenured professors of Shandong University, 43 double-hired academicians, 22 distinguished professors of national 1000 talents plan, 14 first grade professors in humanities and social sciences, 7 faculty members are seated on the Discipline Appraisal Group of the State council academic degree committee, 5 scholar of national “Young 1000 talent plan”, 39 distinguished professors and part-time professors from the “Changjiang Scholars program” of the ministry of education, 32 winners of “NYF”, 45 posts for distinguished, 9 “National Renowned teachers” and experts from “Taishan Scholars of Shandong Province.

Furthermore, Shandong University is known to be one of the largest ranges of academic disciplines in China, complemented by 12 general disciplines for undergraduates and post graduates, i.e. law, philosophy, education, literature, history, science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, fine arts, economics and management.

Shandong University further offers 55 first-level master degree, 40 first-level doctoral programs, 27 professional master degree programs, 3 professional doctoral programs, 38 mobile post-doctoral research stations, 118 programs for undergraduates, forming a complete system for cultivation of talent.

Why study at Shandong University?

As far as the international students in China are concerned, Shandong University never fails to adhere to the education idea of cultivating the superior-quality talents which are excellent in majors, brave to assume responsibilities, sound in personalities, friendly to china and law abiding. The idea is to base the education as per the need of international students which is indeed beneficial and fruitful for their upcoming future.

Below are some of the reasons you must consider as plus points to study in Shandong University:

  • Regional benefit: when studying in Shandong University you are located in Shandong province (well developed eastern coastal economic belt of China. The advantage is that being a foreign student in China you got to explore the campuses of Shandong University, situated in big cities where the cost of living is reasonably low as compared to others and besides these cities are livable yet prosperous.
  • University advantage: The second advantage is that Shandong University comprise of 8 campuses, centered in 3 cities and covers a region of 5km2. The enrollment size is over 60,000 full-time students of which 3000 are foreign students in China.

Additionally there are 13 disciplines, 10,200 faculty, 907 doctoral supervisors, 1,107 professors, 8 academicians of Chinese academy of Science and engineering, and 22 distinguished professors of thousand talents programs and 70 international teachers who are outstandingly qualified. 

Apart from this, Shandong University collaborates with 156 overseas universities centered in more than 20 countries, construction of 8 Confucius institute and 1 overseas Confucius classroom.

  • Course benefit: Shandong University provides you with plenty of courses and activities (inclusive of professional knowledge learning, Chinese culture, general situations, expertise practices, “China opportunity” cutting-edge lecture, Chinese laws, investigation on society and culture, Chinese learning, moral cultivation, mental health learning, club and volunteer activities, knowledge of traffic and fire safety, sports activities, “Study partner” program, intercultural communication and so on.
  • Advantage of characteristic: International education of Shandong University features its educational scheme of “Enjoy Chinese culture and share Chinese opportunities and renders full expression to its traditional boon on literature and history, making the best of its regional advantage on economy, hence providing the immigrant students with characteristic courses relating to Chinese culture and opportunities which keep a pace with the modern time.

The prime aim of Shandong University is to cultivate the high-end talents that are knowledgeable about the china and blending the same with competitiveness and global perspective. Shandong University believes in creating a happy life and prosperous study i.e. while studying here at Shandong University you will experience a direction towards a bright future, this is Shandong University.

About Coastal Province Of Shandong

Situated in the eastern part of China, the Shandong province reaches the lower side of yellow river, bordering the Huanghai and Bohai seas in the east and overlooks the Korean peninsula and Japan Archipelago accompanied with a vast stretch of sea (covering an area of 60,235 square miles and associated with a population of over 90 million).

Speaking about the marine monsoons, Shandong province is frequently affected, especially during the summer time and the climate is characterized by rainfall during all of the seasons, be it dry winters, autumn and summers. The average daily temperature varies between 110C-140C while the annual precipitation is highly affected by the monsoon rain i.e. somewhere between 500-1000 millimeters of rain every year.

Doubtlessly, associated with a history of over 5000 years, Shandong is known to be the birthplace of Chinese civilization and has been the home of large number of historical figures whose importance can be felt in contemporary evidence of china. Confucius profoundly discovered “Confucianism” and this further servers a pillar of traditional Chinese culture, exerting great influence in the world.

Cost Of Studying MBBS At Shandong University

Required Documents

Students need to submit the different documents at different steps of the admission process and student visa process:

  • Application form and Visa invitation form
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates (with vaccination reports)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Valid Passport with minimum 2.5 years validity
  • Student Visa
  • Photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • HIV certificates
  • Covid-19 certificates

Cost of Studying

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Course Fee 5,56,000 5,10,000 5,10,000 5,10,000 5,10,000 5,10,000

How To Apply In Shandong University

Eligibility criteria for enrollment at Shandong University:

  • First of all candidates who wish to apply in Shandong University must be non-Chinese citizens with good physical and mental health and must be aged 18-25, possessing a valid foreign passport. There’s this enhanced procedure which applies to the candidates who are below 18 years (at the point of their entry at Shandong University).
  • Speaking about the candidates, who hold a foreign passport but are Chinese citizens, is expected to adhere to document no.83 (as per the guidelines of PRC ministry of Education).
  • Coming to the candidates who wish to enroll for the undergraduate programs must hold a graduation certificate of a senior high school with good academic performance (fulfilling the expected date of graduation).
  • 30th June is the application deadline at Shandong University (also note that the deadlines for Chinese Government Scholarship application is 31st March)

Application Procedure At Shandong University:

All the foreign students in China must apply via the SDU Online Application System i.e. the official website of Shandong University 

For the applicants related to the Chinese government scholarship, they must complete two online applications and one additional paper-based application latest by 31st march but before this they have to complete online applications through the following two systems:

  1.  http://www.apply.sdu.edu.cn/ (online portal for international students i.e. the SDU Online application system).
  1.  The second system is the “CSU Online application System” at http://www.campuschina.org/ (apply the institution code: 10422).

If the applicants of Chinese government scholarship wish, they can also send their respective application materials via post to the admission office of Shandong University and scholar center.

Here are the documents that you would be asked to represent at Shandong University:

  • The information (biographic) page of your passport.
  •  Certificate of graduation of high school/tertiary education, duly certified from your institution.
  • Recent official transcript for all of the high-school courses that the applicant has undertaken.
    Note: For the applicants of English-medium programs, they must submit an English PS.
  • Certificate for your language proficiency.


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