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MBBS In china

  • University NameFujian Medical University
  • Duration6 Yrs
  • Total Cost22.68 Lacs
  • GradeB+
  • LanguageEnglish
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Fujian Medical University

MBBS Admission 2022

Fujian Medical University was established in the year 1937. In its span of 80 years of schooling, Fujian Medical University in China focused on shaping the outstanding talents of its students and promoting scientific, technological and advanced culture.

Currently, Fujian Medical University of China has more than 128000 undergraduate students, 250 PhD students, 2800 graduates and more than 4900 of its students are engaged in the field of adult education. Fujian Medical College further offers 4 national level specialties, 3 teaching achievement awards and 2 demonstrational centers for experimental teaching.

In addition, Fujian University China offers 1536 full-time teachers, 24 teaching hospitals, 88 professional practice teaching bases, 149 doctoral tutors and 1072 master tutors. Fujian Medical University also has 15 non-affiliated hospitals (including 2 clinical medical schools).

On accounting, the doctoral degree accounted for 40.23%, master degree for 84.83% and the professional title for 67.45%.

Living In China


China is located on the continent of Asia and is the most populated country in the world. Its population is still increasing consistently. Beijing is known as the capital of china and is a home to 20.18 million people.

China is a large country that eclipses over 9.7 sq. km. There is no specific religion in china; however, most people follow either Buddhist or Taoist beliefs.

China has complete freedom of religion as long as the religious group is recognized by the government. Due to this, there are numerous religions that are practiced throughout the country.

China has sweltering summers and chilly winters. Summer lasts from June to early September, with a daily temperature of about 28+°C (92°F). The north and central parts of china experiences continuous rainfall where the temperature reaches to 260C (790F).

During harsh winters the temperature reaches as low as -200C (-40F). Also in the months of January and February the temperatures goes below 100C (500F).

More Information About The University


The campus spreads over an area of 876,710 sq. meters. Fujian Medical University currently has 22 undergraduate and doctoral-degree programs. Fujian Medical School also has 59 master-degree programs.

At present Fujian University has the following school and departments:

  • School of Basic Medicine.
  • Department of Clinical Medicine.
  • School of Public Health.
  • School of Dentistry.
  • School of Medical Technology and Engineering.
  • School of Pharmaceutics.
  • School of Medical Caring.
  • chool of Literature.
  • School of Continue Education.
  • School of International Education.
  • Department of Physical Health.
  • School of Foreign Language.
  • Department of Political Theory and Educating.

Fujian Medical University Ranking

Fujian Medical University ranking in China is 285th and its world ranking is 2564th.

The best part is that Fujian Medical University is a NON-PROFIT PUBLIC University.

MBBS In Fujian University

Around 3500 seats are to be added to various Chinese medical universities for MBBS in China, after the approval of Ministry of Education, China and Medical Council of India.

For the upcoming and existing medical aspirants, these seats are available in the field of “Bachelor of Medicine” and for “Bachelor of surgery”.

Seats for MBBS in Fujian Medical University are only available to a limited extent, so don’t wait for admission in local colleges and make your decision now to register with Overseas Eduversity , soon after your 10+2 results.

Fujian Medical University Fee Structure

Required Documents

Students need to submit the different documents at different steps of the admission process and student visa process:

  • Application form and Visa invitation form
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates (with vaccination reports)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Valid Passport with minimum 2.5 years validity
  • Student Visa
  • Photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • HIV certificates
  • Covid-19 certificates

Cost of Studying

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Course Fee 41,580 (RMB) 34,400 (RMB) 34,400 (RMB) 34,400 (RMB) 34,400 (RMB) 34,400 (RMB)

For Fujian Medical University International Students:

(1) Submit application materials (original scanned parts)

  1. Scanned original passport (photo page and address page)
  2. Notarized certificate of highest academic qualification/degree certificate/pre-graduation certificate (scanned copy of notarized copy): If the applicant is a student at school or has been employed, he or she must submit a certificate of attendance issued by the school or a certificate of employment issued by the employer. Non-Chinese and English versions are required to be accompanied by a notarized translation in Chinese or English.
  3. Notarized highest academic learning phase transcript (notarized original scanned copies): Non in Chinese or English translation notarized on the English must be attached;
  4. The recommendation letter of the graduate school
  5. Financial guarantee/financial proof: financial resources of personal financial proof or family support, government subsidies, sponsorship of economic guarantors, etc.
  6. Other attachments (if any): such as foreign physical examination records, non-criminal certificates, English proficiency certificates, HSK results reports, study plans, etc.

(2) Audit admission

Upon review of the application materials, the qualified person shall issue a pre-admission notice;

After reviewing the applicant's conditions, the qualified applicants will be given an acceptance letter (original paper version) and JW202 form after the approval of the higher level. The student will receive the original acceptance letter and the JW202 form as the official admission.


Applicant materials are not refundable regardless of admission


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