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The Govt of India has restructured the entire Medical Education system in India which was very essential to bring uniformity. So, as a part of this revamping, the NEET UG Exam conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) replaced the former AIPMT exam in 2017. It took almost 5 years of hearings of multiple petitions by the Supreme Court to eventually scrap off the AIPMT exam. Currently, the aspirants get the seats in medical colleges for MBBS and Dental on the basis of his/her rank in the NEET UG exam.

MBBS Seats Trends In Last 5 Years

45% Government medical colleges (124 out of 285) and 37% Private Medical College (100 out of 269) were established in the last 10 years. This number is around 40% of the total medical colleges in India. In last 5 Years total 13 Thousand Seats added which is 18% of Total Seats whereas almost 5 Lacs more aspirants took NEET which is more than 40% ! Because of gap in number of aspirants and Seats availability it is a distant dream to become Doctor from a Govt Medical college in India.

Recent MBBS Admission Trends in India
Year MBBS Colleges MBBS Seats No Of Neet Application Increase in Applications* Success Rate (Govt. Medical Colleges) Success Rate (Govt. + Private Medical Colleges)
govt. private total govt. private total
2017 218 232 450 35870 34290 70160 11.39 Lacs +42 % ↑ 3.14 % 6.16 %
2018 227 237 464 37140 35040 72180 13.26 Lacs +17 % ↑ 2.79 % 5.44 %
2019 245 242 487 39385 35890 75275 15.19 Lacs +15 % ↑ 2.59 % 4.95 %
2020 279 254 533 42735 37640 80375 15.97 Lacs +5 % ↑ 2.67 % 5.03 %
2021 285 269 554 43335 39840 83175 16.1 Lacs +1 % ↑ 2.69 % 5.16 %

As only 40 thousand students get Govt seats in India against 16 Lacs appeared in NEET Exam Success Ratio is only 2.5%. If we add 40 thousand Private Seats with budget of 70 Lacs-1 Cr then still it becomes just 5%, which is not at all affordable for a Middle Class Family. Those who could not secure Govt Seat and not having budget of 70 Lacs they still can become doctor from a Govt/ Public University from Abroad. These programs are English taught, within budget of 20-30 Lacs and approved by NMC and other Medical Bodies across the Global like ECFMG/WHO. And, surprisingly 18000+ students opt for MBBS through this route every year which is almost half of the Students getting admission in Govt Medical Colleges in India. You can refer MBBS Abroad page for complete info.

Medical Colleges And MBBS Seats Availability

Currently, there are more than 550 Indian medical colleges in India. Among these, 285+ are Government medical colleges, and the remaining 270+ are private Medical Colleges. In these colleges, total seats for Academic Year 2021-2022 are more than 83000, if we further bifurcate, 43 thousands seats are held by the government medical colleges and the remaining 40 thousands seats in private medical colleges. In the last 10 years solely, 243 medical colleges in India have been established which account for nearly 45% of the total Medical Colleges. Karnataka has the highest count of MBBS seats among all Indian states with 9345 MBBS seats followed by Maharashtra (9000), Tamil Nadu (8000), and so on. You can refer the table given below for detailed information:

Recent MBBS Admission Trends in India
Name Of State / Union Territory Total MBBS Colleges Total MBBS Seats
govt. private total govt. private total