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Study Mbbs In China 2021-22  

China has the world’s largest population of around 1.50 Billion leading to huge patients flow in the hospitals. This leads to fantastic experience for the students during their internship as well as the hospital visits that start early from the 3rd / 4th semester. Study MBBS China at the top medical school in China has become a recent hot topic of discussion among students across the world due to advance technology, high teaching experience, world class infrastructure and best quality education.
The top MBBS universities in china are generally based in larger cities due to the large patients flow taking their ranking much higher. Due to these the medical education in china has become quite popular among Indian students. MBBS China 2021 is something which would get closed the fastest among all the 9 countries where Indian students go abroad. Studying at any of the best MBBS college in China assures students future career security. MBBS in China English medium is also a possibility now!  In fact, it is a necessity for Indian students studying MBBS in China.
Currently, there are more than 8,000 Indian students studying MBBS in China in 45 MCI approved universities. Studying MBBS in China at the top China universities for MBBS is one of the fastest growing topic of discussion among the students planning to do their MBBS in abroad at top universities of China for MBBS. Most of the Indian students study at the best medical school in China out of the top 10 MBBS colleges in China. After MBBS in China students can go to USA or Germany for their Medical PG and OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  can guide you through the same as well. The MBBS duration in China is 6 years which includes one year of internship



Overseas Eduversity For Mbbs In China 2021 - 22:
Team of Chinese doctors, MBBS in China

There are various grades of Medical Universities in China which are approved by MCI (Medical Council of India) such as A+ / A / B+ / B / C+ / C allocated by WHO. Cost of B grade universities is less. The MCI approved medical colleges in China are the largest in any one country. The ratio of students passing the MCI screening Test / FMGE from different grades is quite different. Also, the intake eligibility and the cost of top medical colleges in china are also high due to higher grades. There are many top MBBS universities in China.

International students can opt to study MBBS in China medical university or Huazhong university of science and technology and many more which also include some of the best medical universities in China English medium. One can study medicine in China on scholarship a well.

The MBBS fee structure in China at the top universities in China for MBBS is varied since all grades of universities of China for MBBS are approved by MCI. Accordingly, it is important to go through the MBBS study in China reviews. The problem is they are all better than Indian ones! So reviews from the Indian students in China medical colleges is always good, even in ‘C’ grade! few “C” grade universities claim China MBBS in English medium but they do not have good English speaking teachers leading to self-study for the Indian students in China.

If you are looking for the best MBBS colleges in china, go for “A” Graded ones. OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY suggests that instead of looking for china MBBS colleges ranking (which can be influenced on the internet), it is better to go by the grades which are professionally allotted. MBBS in China 2020 did not have a lot of students due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, admission for MBBS in China for Indian students 2021 is now completely open.

PLEASE NOTE: Until 2020, Indian students had to choose medical universities that were MCI approved or else their MBBS degree would not be valid in India. However, in 2021, Indian students can pursue MBBS from any university across the world. Even though, MCI approval is not necessary anymore, it is suggested to choose universities which are  ECFMG approved in order to ensure quality of education and high teaching experience. This will also help you to get your practice license in India as well as the USA after completing MBBS at the best and low-cost Russia medical colleges. 


OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY represents more than 10+ low-cost Top Medical universities in china. OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY has selected only top universities in china for MBBS based on the most important criteria. The following Chinese medical college fees are quite affordable for Indian students.

Following is the list of universities for MBBS IN CHINA

  •  Huazhong University. (A+ Graded - The top medical university China)

  •  Capital Medical University. (A)

  •  China Medical University (A+)

  • Jiangsu University. (A)

  • Jilin Medical University. (A)

  •  Nanjing Medical University. (A)

Jiangsu University China Medical University Nanjing Medical University
Jiangsu logo Nanjing University Logo
Fees 4.10 L/year Fees 5.99 L/year Fees 4.20 L/year
Duration 5 Years Duration 6 years Duration 5 years
Apply By 15th September Apply By 15th September Apply By 15th September


Admission To Mbbs In China Fees Structure, Eligibility Criteria, And Application Deadline At 'A+' Grade Universities

University Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students Total MBBS Tuition Fees(Rs.)
 Nanjing Medical University

Eligibility: Indian Student should get 75% in PCB of 12th. (70% PCB in ICSE/CBSE)

Application Deadline: November 2021

21,10,000 MBBS fees
 Huazhong University

Eligibility: Indian Student should get 90% in PCB of 12th & 300+ in NEET

Application Deadline: November 2021

29,33,800 MBBS fees
  China Medical University

Eligibility: Indian Student should get 80% in PCB of 12th. (70% PCB in ICSE/CBSE)

Application Deadline: November 2021

29,50,000 MBBS fees


Admission To Mbbs In China Fees Structure, Eligibility Criteria, And Application Deadline At 'A' Grade Universities

University Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students Total MBBS Tuition Fees(Rs.)
 Jiangsu University

Eligibility: Indian Student should get 75% in PCB of 12th & 300 in NEET

Application Deadline: November 2021

20,40,000 MBBS Fees 
 Jilin Medical University

Eligibility: Indian Student should get 70% in PCB of 12th & English of 12th along with  190 in NEET

Application Deadline: November 2021

20,60,000 MBBS Fees
 Capital Medical University

Eligibility: Indian Student should get 60% in PCB of 12th along with NEET Qualified

Application Deadline: November 2021

32,90,000 MBBS fees



Chinese Medical Universities have a simple grading system which helps students to select the right university. OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY suggests students to ONLY choose A+ grade or A grade universities in China. Lower grade Chinese universities have Bilingual medical programs which is a big problem for Indian students. Higher graded universities have Fully English medium Medical curriculum in China along with a much higher USMLE passing ratio and overall teaching experience. 

Following is the list of best medical universities in China 2021 along with its grade. 

Nanjing University A+ Grade
Zhejiang University A+ Grade
Huazhong university S&T A+ Grade
China Medical University A+ Grade
Shandong University A+ Grade
Capital Medical University A Grade
Jiangsu University A Grade
Jilin University A Grade
Fujian University A Grade


Why Study Mbbs In Abroad In 2021-22 Is A Good Option For Indian Students?

OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY understands the pain of getting admission for MBBS program in Indian medical colleges through entrance tests such as AIPMT / NEET / MH-CET etc. The average chances of admission to the government through these tests are less than 2%. Every year balance 98% of the students either start looking for a large list of private medical colleges with high MBBS fee structure or the last option is to study  MBBS in abroad  like MBBS program in China, Russia, USA and many other countries. MBBS education in China at the top MBBS colleges in China is one of the best and the most cost-friendly option.MBBS degree in China will always hold a status value throughout life along with a spectacular experience and amazing memories. Study MBBS in China for Indian students is only at specified 45 Universities approved by MCI.


Disadvantages Of Studying Medicine In China

The maximum number of students go to China to study MBBS every year. Right from 1996, the Indian students went to China to study MBBS abroad. Thousands of doctors are already practising in India whose finished their MBBS studies in Russia. MBBS in China is one of the best options if Indian students are very careful about the following problems. Some of the common disadvantages of studying MBBS in China are as follows:

  • CLIMATE: The temperature in China, in some parts, drops to about 0 degrees for 3-4 months which is very big climatic change for Indian students. However, the students do not face any major problem because the building, car, bus, classrooms, hostel, etc are all centrally heated. 
  • BILINGUAL COURSE: Most of the Chinese medical colleges offer Bilingual programs where the first few years are taught in English and the last few years are taught in Chinese. This makes it very difficult for Indian and international students which further leads to a low overall grade and lesser chances of clearing the NEXT exam back in India. Hence, it is extremely important that Indian students choose ONLY English medium MBBS course in China. 
  • LOCAL LANGUAGE: International students usually face a language barrier in the first couple of years while in China. However, to solve this problem, all OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY students are provided an Online Chinese language program once they begin their application. This ensures that students are well versed with the basics of Chinese language which would make their adjustment to a new country much easier and they will be able to grasp the Chinese language course ( a subject in every Chinese college curriculum) easily.

Cost To Study

MBBS In china Medical Colleges List As Per Teaching Language And Fees

University Language Medium of Teaching Duration
Anhui Medical University English Rs 19.91 Lacs 6 Yrs
Beihua Medical University English Rs 18.79 Lacs 6 Yrs
Capital Medical University English Rs 36.23 Lacs 6 Yrs
China Medical University English Rs 32.49 Lacs 5.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Dalian Medical University English Rs 36.45 Lacs 6 Yrs
Fujian Medical University English Rs 22.68 Lacs 6 Yrs
Guangxi Medical University English Rs 23.37 Lacs 6 Yrs
Guangzhou Medical University English Rs 25.34 Lacs 6 Yrs
Harbin Medical University English Rs 20.13 Lacs 6 Yrs
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) English Rs 31.90 Lacs 6 Yrs
Jiangsu University English Rs 22.49 Lacs 6 Yrs
Jilin University English Rs 22.77 Lacs 6 Yrs
Kunming Medical University English Rs 22.65 Lacs 6 Yrs
Nanjing Medical University English Rs 23.09 Lacs 6 Yrs
Nantong University English Rs 19.89 Lacs 6 Yrs
Ningxia Medical University English Rs 20.33 Lacs 6 Yrs
North Sichuan Medical College English Rs 22.88 6 Yrs
Qingdao Medical University English Rs 27.93 Lacs 6 Yrs
Shandong University English Rs 36.19 Lacs 6 Yrs
Shihezi Medical University English Rs 20.75 Lacs 6 Yrs
Sichuan University English Rs 30.51 Lacs 6 Yrs
Soochow University English Rs 21.93 Lacs 6 Yrs
Southeast University English Rs 22.36 Lacs 6 Yrs
Tongji Medical University English Rs 42.99 Lacs 6 Yrs
Wenzhou Medical University English Rs 19.80 Lacs 6 Yrs
Xiamen Medical University English Rs 28.91 Lacs 6 Yrs
Xian Jiotong University English Rs 33.71 Lacs 6 Yrs
Xuzhou Medical University English Rs 26.27 Lacs 6 Yrs
Yangzhou University English Rs 21.26 Lacs 6 Yrs
Zhejiang Medical University English Rs 33.34 Lacs 6 Yrs
Zhengzhou University English Rs 23.31 Lacs 6 Yrs
Xinjiang Medical University English Rs 21.62 Lacs 5.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Hebei Medical University English Rs 20.02 Lacs 5.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
China Medical University English Rs 32.49 Lacs 6 Yrs
Xinjiang Medical University English Rs 21.62 Lacs 6 Yrs

Other Description

How Admission Agents Cheat With Students:

  1. No government university will ever ask for 6 years fees together. By showing you the subsidy, you can fall for these fake scheme! Once you pay 6 years fees together to study medical in China, you become absolutely helpless even if you are placed in fully Chinese taught MBBS programs. You lost your money and a precious medical career!
  2. Never agree to pay tuition fees to the agents! The students need to pay the fees directly to the Chinese medical university. So it is in the students interest to confirm in writing that the Fees would be paid directly to the University.  OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY follows a simple practices that the fees would be paid directly to the University keeping 100% transperancy.
  3. The agents show the tuition fees of the program based on Chinese taught MBBS course. However, when you reach there, you realize that the university tuition fees charge for English-taught program would be higher. This would make your planned financial budget in trouble. OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  is a responsible Career counselor for MBBS Abroad and have professional approach. 
  4. Many of the agents try to fool you a by promoting a bilingual program as a fully English-taught program. You need to be very careful about MBBS admission in China. You may get in touch with OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  expert counsellor to understand the options clearly.
  5. The students should have MCI Screening Test coaching / NEXT Coaching (Online) before they depart to study at Chinese medical universities. Do not believe in a future promise by the agents that the professors would be sent for NEXT



Admission To Mbbs In China : Fees Structure 2021-22

The cost of private medical colleges in India is far more than the total cost of studying MBBS in China at even the top 10 medical colleges in China. The cost to study MBBS in China at ‘A’ or ‘B’ graded universities is in the range of Rs.3 to 4 Lac per year fees. The living cost in China for the Indian students is hardly Rs. 7,000 per month. Few smart choices are also available for early applicants such as 5 years program in low-cost MBBS study in ‘A’ Graded University in China such as in  China Medical University. The students return to India for Internship saving 1 year and almost Rs. 5 Lac while studying in ‘A’ Grade! Apply before 15th June for this university. China has a variety of universities and medical schools, from cheap medical colleges in China to the most expensive medical college.

BDS in China fee structure also differs from one med school in China to another. Most of the international students study medicine in China on scholarship. Graduating from the top 10 medical universities in China promises and assures a great future. Medical schools in China cost much lower than MBBS in USA, Europe, India as well as some of the other Asian countries.
The cost to study in China even at A graded universities is very low which makes it an attractive destination for Indian students to study MBBS in China universities. Now, the best medical college in China with the medium in English are available for you and go for it! Most of them can definitely serve as a best medical college in China for Indian students.
The range of MBBS fees in China from the cheapest medical college in China to the expensive medical college in China would still fall lesser than the cost of studying at medical colleges in India and most other countries as well. MBBS in China for Indian students fees 2021 is now updated on the OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  website and app.

Kindly check the latest list of MCI approved colleges in China and inquire with OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  for further guidance on university selection, MBBS China fee structure as well as application & admission process. There are many MBBS china consultants India but only OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  gives you an option for a complete solution from Guidance, Admission, Travel and finally  MCI Screening Test Coaching. China MBBS university fees, as well as MBBS in China requirements, are clearly explained by OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  .



China Mbbs Scholarship To The Best Medical Colleges In China

There are many types of Scholarships available for medical education in China for Indian students. There is a national Scholarship (also called President Scholarship – allotted through CSC) and there are provincial scholarship such as Jasmin Scholarship at Jiangsu University. Ms.DevanshiThakkar got a full one-year Scholarship in 2014 at Capital Medical University while Ms.Suganya Naidu got a full scholarship at Jiangsu University! MBBS in China for international students is a great option. OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  would be happy to connect you with them if you wish to get motivated to apply in these universities. You may click here for more information on Scholarship for MBBS in China at some Chinese universities known to be the best medical colleges in China for Indian students.
OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  represents more than 35 Medical universities from various countries. However, these are TOP 10 Universities from suggested on various parameters. Though studying MBBS in China with USMLE coaching for PG in America is an expensive proposition, it is still beneficial to the Indian students and costs lesser than Indian private medical colleges! Let us understand the program carefully. MBBS in China for Indians is a much preferred option. The cost of studying medicine in China is the major reason why most of the students in India want to study medical in China.
We do Online Seminars (webinar) frequently to guide the students towards a right career path.
Summary of various MBBS Fees in China is given below. It includes costs such as Hostel cost, Food, Other miscellaneous costs such as Resident permit extension, Medical Insurance, Text Books etc.


UNIVERSITY BUDGET ( 1-6 years) Full Package
Nanjing University Rs 20-25 lacs
Zhejiang University Rs 30-35 lacs
Huazhong university S&T Rs 30-35 lacs
China Medical University Rs 30-35 lacs
Shandong University Rs 30-35 lacs
Capital Medical University Rs 30-35 lacs
Jiangsu University Rs 20-25 lacs
Jilin University Rs 20-25 lacs
Fujian University Rs 20-25 lacs
Your Budget (Rs) Suggested Country OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  Recommended University
10-15 Lacs Kazakhstan + FMGE  South Kazakhstan Medical Academy
15-20 Lacs Russia (A Grade)  Crimean Federal University
20-30 Lacs Ukraine (A Grade)  LVIV Medical University
     Bukovinian State Medical University
  China (A+ Grade)  Jiangsu University
  China (A Grade)  Jilin University
30-40 Lacs Russia (A Grade)  Pirogov Russia NRM University
  China (A Grade)  China Medical University
40-50 Lacs MBBS in Ukraine + PG in USA OVERSEAS EDUVERSITY  USMLE for All Universities
75 Lacs above USA International American University
65 Lacs above with high NEET score India Indian Private Medical Colleges






Ideal Application Calendar For Mbbs In China 2020.

AUTUMN: (For Fresh student batch).

calender for MBBS in china - autumn

6 Years Of Fmge Exam / Mci Screening Test Coaching Online Test Series.

FMGE Exam / MCI screening Test CoachingThe overseas MBBS students can avail of the exclusive offering of  MBBS Abroad consultants in  rohtak to prepare FMGE or MCI Screening Test. The Indian doctors got to pass FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test from MCI recognised universities abroad. The MCI screening Test coaching is provided for all 19 subjects as per the course and curriculum designed by MCI. The students go through the MCI test coaching while they study  MBBS in abroad. The Indian Students find it difficult to have Indian study perspective while studying MBBS in abroad.The MCI test comprises of 19 subjects. The exam takes place on a single day. This is the main reason for you not able to pass MCI exam when you return back unless you prepare for MCI exam while you are studying MBBS in abroad.

Now the students can avail our 6 years NEXT exam coaching package. This helps them to study the Indian curriculum for 6 years. Coaching gone through subject by subject preparation in a systematically broken down subtopics. The video lectures given by the top doctors including the one who passed MCI screening test. This is the key USP of this coaching package! Avail of this package without fail....

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