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MBBS in Bangladesh is a relatively good option mainly because of quality of MBBS in Bangladesh and MBBS in Bangladesh fee structureMedical study in Bangladesh is popular among Indians, Nepalis, Srilankans, Malaysians Australians, Pakistanis, Philippino, Palestinian, Maldivian and Bhutanese students. MBBS in Bangladesh is said to be ranked 2nd after MBBS in India. For Indian students, to study in Bangladesh has the added advantage of cultural similarity, including food. To study in Bangladesh for International students is going to be an increasingly famous option in near future. You are welcome to take a closer look at status of MBBS in Bangladesh 2018.




MCI Approved Medical Colleges For MBBS In Bangladesh

We are providing a List of Major Government and Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh for your perusal. List of top Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh (Alphabetically)

  1. Ad-din women’s Medical College – Dhaka
  2. Anwer khan Modern Medical College – Dhaka
  3. Ashian Medical College – Dhaka
  4. Bangladesh Medical College – Dhaka
  5. BGC Trust Medical College – Chittagong
  6. Central Medical College – Comilla
  7. Christian Hospital – Bogra
  8. Community-Based Medical College – Mymensingh
  9. Delta Medical College – Dhaka
  10. East West Medical College – Dhaka
  11. Eastern Medical College – Comilla
  12. Fatema Hospital – Jessore
  13. Ibn Sina Medical College – Dhaka
  14. Ibrahim Medical College- Dhaka
  15. International Medical College – Gazipur
  16. Jaharul Medical College – Kishoreganj
  17. Jalalabad Rajib Rebeya Medical College – Sylhet
  18. Khawja Yunus Ali Medical College – Sirajganj
  19. Kumudini Medical College – Tangail
  20. Medical College for Women and Hospital – Dhaka

For checking the MCI List of Approved Colleges 


Advantages Of Studying Mbbs In Bangladesh

In a nutshell, we give you the salient points that make MBBS Course in Bangladesh attractive. However, a little Research from the student’s side is very desirable.

  • The most important attraction to study MBBS in Bangladesh is the reasonable Bangladesh Medical College Tuition Fees. While there is a Reservation of 75 students in Government Medical Universities for MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students. Also, in Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh, 25% of seats are reserved for non-native students, hence more opportunities for Indian students.
  • There is a concept that if you are a SAARC student, you don’t have to pay any Tuition Fee for Medical Study in Bangladesh, hence only your living cost.
  • Those who are not under the purview of SAARC have to pay USD 3,000 pa as Bangladesh Medical College Tuition Fees (Hostel Fee included). Now, this is just a ballpark amount, details follow.
  • The Medium of Instruction in Medical Study i.e. MBBS in Bangladesh is English, hence there is no need for any Language Training.
  • All the Government Medical Colleges in Bangladesh recognized by MCI are approved by WHO.
  • There is Direct Admission to MBBS Course in Bangladesh without any Donation or Capitation.


Disadvantages Of Studying Mbbs In Bangladesh

And now for the flipside! The Medical Study in Bangladesh is also associated with cautions and pitfalls that many other study destinations present.

  • The concept of No Tuition Fees under SAARC nomination requires one to have scored 95% in 12th.
  • The Recognition of University is also a major issue. Apart from MCI recognition, you need to be careful that it has the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dhaka and The Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh, Dhaka.
  • While you consider Bangladesh Medical College Admission, remember that the Bangladeshi Bengali is spoken and you need to be a little adept at it.
  • Indian students will need to get ‘No objection’ Certificate from MCI, which is more or less true for any country.
  • The Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh do not give admission to students who have more than 2 years gap after 12th.
  • A major issue could be that during your Internship you may not be allowed to touch the patients, so make sure it is not ‘Observership’.

Cost To Study

MBBS In Bangladesh Medical Colleges List As Per Teaching Language And Fees

University Language Medium of Teaching Duration
Dhaka National Medical College English Rs 43.20 Lacs 6 Yrs
Enam Medical College and Hospital, Dhaka English Rs 30.00 Lacs 6 Yrs
Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College English Rs 30.00 Lacs 4.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Green Life Medical College English Rs 35.91 Lacs 6 Yrs
International Medical College & Hospital English Rs 30.00 Lacs 4.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet English Rs 32.21 Lacs 6 Yrs
North East Medical College English Rs 30.75 Lacs 6 Yrs
Popular Medical College English Rs 33.75 Lacs 6 Yrs
Sylet Women Medical College, Sylhet English Rs 30.19 Lacs 6 Yrs
Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College English Rs 30.75 Lacs 6 Yrs
Islami Bank Medical College And Hospital English Rs 30.00 Lacs 4.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
North Bengal Medical College English Rs 26.25 Lacs 4.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Anwar Khan Modern Medical College English Rs 33.30 Lacs 6 Yrs

Other Description

Admission To MBBS In Bangladesh – Fees Structure, Eligibility And Application Process 2018-19

Fees Structure

MBBS in Bangladesh Fee structure is provided below for reference and this structure is valid for 2018-2019 Session. All Government Universities in Bangladesh for MBBS are MCI Approved and make sure that you make all payment directly from Guardian/Parents Bank Account to College Account and in no ways include anyone else in the middle.

College Name Est. Univ. Fees in US$ 1st Year Payment Fees in INR Hostel Fees GPA
Dhaka National Medical College 1925 DU 45000 26000 29,00,000 Extra 9
Bangladesh Medical College 1986 DU 42000 22000 27,00,000 Extra 9
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College 2005 RU 41000 14000 24,70,000 Included 8
Southern Medical College 2005 CU 33500 13000 21,00,000 Included 8
Barind Medical College[3] 2011 RU 36000 16000 23,00,000 Included 8
Monno Medical College 2011 DU 34500 12500 22,50,000 $50/Month 9
Uttara Adhunik Medical College 2007 DU 40000 19000 26,50,000 Extra 8
BGC Trust Medical College 2003 CU 32000 12000 20,00,000 BDT 2500 7
Green Life Medical College 2009 DU 40000 20000 26,00,000 Extra 7
Ennam Medical College 2004 DU 40000 20000 26,00,000 Extra 8
Delta Medical College 2006 DU 38000 15000 25,00,000 Extra 7
Shd Monsur Ali Medical College 1994 DU 38000 18000 24,70,000 Included 7
Medical Colleges Only For Girls
Medical College for Women 1992 DU 52000 30000 33,80,000 Included 9
Sylhet Women’s Medical College 2005 SUST 34000 14000 22,00,000 Included Food 8


MBBS Course in Bangladesh - Duration 5 years (Session 2018-2019)

You must meet the following Eligibility Criteria for Bangladesh Medical College Admission –

  • One has to have passed qualifying examinations (HSC/ ‘A’ level) or equivalent examination.
  • One should not have passed Class 10 (X) or SSC/ ‘O’ or equivalent examination before 2015.
  • One should not have passed Class 12 [XII (10+2)] or HSC/ ‘A’ or equivalent examination before 2017.
  • The Required Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent has to be 8.00 (eight)
  • The Minimum Required GPA either in SSC or equivalent or in HSC or equivalent should be 3.5
  • One must have a Minimum GP of 3.5 in biology
  • Qualifying Grade in each subject individually is “C”. Therefore, GPA in ‘A’ level = (total marks obtained in three subjects) ÷ 3


Application Process

Application Form for admission into Medical Colleges in Bangladesh becomes available in Month of August September.

All students from India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. interested to Study Medicine in Bangladesh can contact OVERSEAS Study Abroad Consultants, India.

You need to submit three copies of duly filled application forms along with the following documents:

  • Copy of passport
  • 6 passport size photographs

These are to the ways to reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka by November 2018.

All certificates must be duly attested by the competent authority, i.e. the Education Ministry of the respective country and also be authenticated by the respective Bangladesh Missions abroad/Foreign Missions based in Dhaka.

Application Fee to Apply in the MBBS Courses in Bangladesh 2018:

You need to attach a DD of US$ 60.00 (sixty) payable to: “The Director, Medical Education and HMPD, DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh”.

University Selection For Mbbs In Bangladesh

OVERSEAS surveys at least 1 more option to study medicine in Bangladesh from the list of MCI approved Universities every year.

We block the seats to ensure guaranteed admission in Universities in Bangladesh for MBBS at the time of accepting the application forms.

It is a good option for International students to Study MBBS in Bangladesh in English medium at some of the best MBBS College in Bangladesh.

MBBS Degree in Bangladesh from Universities in Bangladesh for MBBS recognized by MCI are valued in India.

However, choosing the right college is a challenge for Indian students.


Low-Cost Roadmap To Study Md/Ms In Usa After MBBS In Bangladesh

Many of the qualified students who wish to become a physician or a doctor in USA lack sufficient budget. OVERSEAS is the largest company recruiting Indian students for MBBS in USA program.

Every year, we place around 200 Indian students in the USA. We have this alternative route for them.

Now, the students can complete MBBS in Bangladesh and start preparing for the USMLE exam. For this, OVERSEAS provides USMLE Step 1 coaching online and USMLE step 2 CK online coaching during their MBBS abroad studies.

The USMLE step 1 coaching guide will consist of various materials:

  • 220 Hours of Video and Audio contents.
  • 6 to 9 months of interactive online study access.
  • Access to the question bank on USMLE Step 1 Exam.
  • Huge volumes of hardcover original books and interactive e-books.
  • A dedicated mentor to support you throughout the studies.
  • Hand holding for ECFMG application process.
  • 24 x 7 access to the whole learning resource while you study MBBS abroad.

 The students must note that USMLE step 1 and USMLE step 2CK are online exams. OVERSEAS is the top MBBS abroad consultants in Mumbai providing the option of MD in the USA while you are studying MBBS at top medical college in Bangladesh.

So always have 2 coaching options with you:

  • MCI Screening Test coaching (To be replaced by an exam namely ‘NEXT’)
  • USMLE Step 1 and 2CK exam coaching to end your medical journey to the USA.


The biggest benefit of completing MD / MS in the USA is that you do not have to write MCI Screening Test before or after MBBS in abroad.

It means, on completion of MBBS in Bangladesh, you can go for PG level (MD / MS) in the USA without clearing MCI Test. The PG degree completed in the USA would be valid in India as well as back there.

Also, all the money that you spent while doing MBBS would be paid back by way of a monthly stipend (USD 4,200 Approx.) while pursuing Medicine in America 

Study Medical PG In Germany (MD/MS) After MBBS In Bangladesh

Once you complete the MBBS in Bangladesh, OVERSEAS can place you for your Post graduation in medicine in Germany.

When you apply for this university, you may call on 9699-360-370 to understand your complete roadmap till MD / MS degree.

Students who get admission into a good Medical University in Bangladesh which come under the top 10 MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh reap the benefit throughout their life and consider it worthwhile.

MD in Bangladesh after MBBS is a good option but Indian students generally go for their Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in Bangladesh.

MBBS admission 2018-19 in Bangladesh has been made direct, simpler and a more systematic system. 

Reserve Your Seat For MBBS In Bangladesh Admission 2018-19

Let us examine a few more options apart from MBBS in Bangladesh.

In 2017, many of the students were waiting for  NEET exam. These students made a big mistake since the application deadline for most of the MCI approved MBBS Abroad Universities passed.

As a result, they might have wasted one more year by repeating it, OVERSEAS offers you an innovative solution by reserving your seat and taking the admission letter in your hand as your PLAN B.

In case you get the admission through NEET 2018 you don't have to go to your chosen university for MBBS abroad. However, in case you do not make it, at least your backup plan is ready.

Hence, it would be a smart decision for those students who already booked their medical seats.

You must take note of these important points:

  • The fees of private medical colleges in India have been jacked up by almost 50% reaching around Rs. 75 lacs for the full course. Within a half of this budget, you can complete MBBS in Bangladesh + MD / MS in Germany! It is very simple to carve a global career for medical practitioners now!
  • The admission to the Government medical colleges would be only for top 2-3% of the NEET takers.
  • You do not need to pay even a single Paisa for reserving the seat except the University application and processing fees.

Kindly note that many unprofessional agents collect almost all the money from you for the first year Tuition fees. Also, as you can see, while OVERSEAS clearly gives you an indication of the actual fees and its service charges.


Service/Consultancy Charges Of OVERSEAS 

Once you apply for MBBS in Bangladesh programs through OVERSEAS , you have several advantages such as:

  1. FMGE or MCI screening Test(On-Line) coaching also USMLE coachings including Mock tests and Reference Libraries.
  2. Reliable and honest counselling for MBBS abroad in 8 countries.
  3. Trustworthy university selection with long-term success effect.
  4. Guaranteed Admission to low-cost MBBS in an abroad program.
  5. Translation of academic documents, Notarization and Apostil.
  6. Stamping from Embassy and Ministry of External Affairs.
  7. Perfect Visa application documentation and Zero rejection guarantee of Visa issuance.
  8. 100% safe and escorted travel services to drop the students to the Universities.
  9. Accommodation support at the campus.
  10. FOREX and Travel Insurance support.

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